SophiaLacayo is a proud Nicaraguan/American who has served her community from day one when she arrived in this country almost 20 years ago. As a Sweetwater commissioner, Sophia Lacayo kept her promise and donated all of her city salary to help the residents of the municipality. During her year and a half as a city leader, she paid for rent, food, school supplies, electric and water bills amongst others during very difficult times for many. Always takes the time to visit the elderly and the most vulnerable. Her slogan was, and still is, 

“A better city, A better Community”

She is a champion of making Sweetwater a so called “University town” since  is right across from Florida International University, one of the best known public universities. She fought hard to lower taxes. Fought against big developers who, if their projects had been approved, would have raised taxes. She has always been a strong advocate of human rights; Always denouncing , in the world stage, the Nicaraguan, Venezuelan and Cuban regimes. Sophia Lacayo is the epitome of what it means to live

“The American Dream”

During the Covid-19 pandemic, SophiaLacayo spearheaded numerous food drives. With the help from the private sector, Ms. Lacayo used her contacts to give away more than 5000 boxes of food.–ktg&list=PLUf3uxPOqVGK_eX78M66ij3cl-2T4uv8D&index=16

“Always supporting and helping our people”